I wanted to drop you a note of thanks. Our work together has been really helpful and enriching. I was primed for the experience (I just had in an Oxford seminar) in a way that I never would have been before and it is undoubtedly because of the journey you have helped me take for the last several months. This week I palpably felt the progress of my thinking and awareness as well as the extent of my personal growth since last year.

Your contribution to my life is enormous, Valérie. There is no one like you. Thank you!

I wanted to tell you that you are also and regularly included in my gratitude list; I am happy to have met you, I am learning a tremendous amount about myself, but also about people and life too, and your generosity passes onto me in multiple ways, so I wanted to thank you for sharing these moments and thoughts with me.

You deserve all of the success that's coming to you... I want to let you know that since working with you, my business has turned around and my public speaking skills have greatly improved. In general, I'm more comfortable being me in business, listening more and being of service to my clients, a few of the lessons you have taught me